Vacations are meant for leisure and to break away from routine. Follow these simple tips help you avoid excessive vacation weight gain.

Vacation and travel is tricky business for someone looking to live a healthy lifestyle. While your time away is meant to be a break from your regular daily restrictions, most of us would rather not return home with extra luggage around our waists.

Gaining weight on vacation is a common problem, but it is avoidable. When you abandon your usual schedule and travel to a foreign destination, there is a tendency to indulge. As there should be! If you work hard, you deserve to kick back and enjoy your favorite activities and food without guilt. These tips help you avoid excessive vacation weight gain and work off the few pounds you do pick up quickly, once you return home.

Easy 7 Tips To Avoid Vacation Weight Gain:

Easy Ways to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

Easy Ways to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

Eat Before Heading to The Airport

Airport food is horrid, and the food on flight is even worse. Even if you’re rushing around packing before your trip, budget time for a healthy meal as close to takeoff as possible. If your flight is less than 6 hours you can probably get through it without eating (or finishing) whatever the airline is serving. Also consider packing nuts or fruit in your carry on luggage for an inflight snack. But don’t forget to eat it before getting off the plane if you’re heading somewhere with agricultural restrictions.

Bring Sturdy Shoes and Shorts

When you’re active your body can be very forgiving with an occasional dessert or heavier meal. To encourage yourself to get moving on your trip, bring a pair or older running shoes. Though these will allow you to use the hotel gym if necessary, they’re even more useful for longer hikes and walks where you can explore the local scenery. Your shoes might get destroyed in the process though, so you probably don’t want to bring your newest pair.

Schedule Vacation Workouts

This might sound crazy, but you can exercise on vacation. Many people look forward to the opportunity to take their fitness regimen to another location. You can run on the beach instead of a treadmill or gain access to expensive hotel gym equipment. If traditional workouts are not appealing, schedule a few activities that get in some calorie burning. Explore your vacation destination on a bike or play a little golf.

Use Stairs Instead of Lifts

If the hotel room is on the lower floors then using stairs as much and as often as possible can be an amazing exercise that does not require dedicated time.

Eat Small Portions

When you’re not in your hometown you’re likely to be eating every single meal in a restaurant, and restaurant portions are huge. While on vacation, get in the habit of not finishing your food. Eat half your sandwich, split entrees with your travel partner and order meals off the appetizer menu. Desserts are often less tasty than you’d expect, so limiting these to a few bites (assume you’re getting 50-100 calories per bite) can help tremendously. Trust me, you won’t go hungry.

Schedule Vacation Workouts

Schedule Vacation Workouts

Limit The Alcohol

Alcohol can put you over your daily calorie limit; especially the sugary, mixed drinks. Limit your drinking times to after 5:00 PM. If you start drinking in the afternoon, you’ll drink more than you intend to especially, if you’re planning on drinking in the evening. Drinking during the day will throw you off your game plan; you’ll just want to laze around, won’t work out and you’ll tend to overeat because your judgment will be impaired.

Avoid Cruise Buffets

Cruise is another term for indulgence. The vast buffets served with utmost intricacy are the toughest hindrance in the feat to avoid vacation weight gain. There may be numerous sea food items available but one has to know the limits and be content after tasting a few.