Fitness holidays at Cyprus hotels provide state of art functional fitness training, yoga


Fitness holidays at Cyprus hotels provide state of art functional fitness training, yoga, nutritional counseling and holistic therapies that relaxes the mind and tones the body while rejuvenating the spirit. After your exercise sessions and your continuous fitness stay during your holidays there, you will move faster, stand taller and laugh louder than you have done in the years. This looks like a complete transformation from an average living guy who is tired and devoid of vigor and fitness to a charming man who is bursting with the loads of energy and effervescence of energy.

Fitness holidays at Cyprus hotels

Tone it to own it

You might be doing all the activities that requires your physical inputs from diving in the ocean to hitting the treadmill and jumping ,lifting, sprinting or stretching your body to get into its normal rhythm and shape. Your heart is beating and your feet are pushing against that soft sand of the beach while you are completing your sprint on the ocean side. All these activities can be the part of your daily routine while your stay on the Cyprus hotels. The executive fitness holidays at the Cyprus hotels have the provisions to provide you with all the modern amenities to carry out your fitness routines. A beautiful chilled out natural habitat, expert coaching, and luxury treatment on highest standards, ideal nutrition and eye-opening guidance!

Optional advantage

Cyprus hotels provide you with the many options to select your fitness and exercise regime. Whether you wish to be more holistic towards your exercise routine when you pick it up or you wish to perform high activity level exercise outdoors or you it’s some other challenge you want to be tailor made according to your requirements and wants. There is room for every such demand at the executive fitness holidays ta Cyprus hotels.

Epitome of fitness

Our fitness holidays are designed to help get you into shape and give you the knowledge and confidence to continue to work towards your own health and fitness goals. Whatever your fitness training and nutrition likes and dislikes, we will show you not only how to train, but also how to fuel your training to maximize your personal results.

Myriad advantages

Our fitness breaks are suitable for anyone – male or female – of any standard of fitness and of any age – including seniors – whether your goals are to get started on a fitness program to improve your health or mobility, or to take your athletic performance to the next level.

Whether it’s burning calories, revving up your heartbeat or just getting into some exciting new ways to stay fit,  executive fitness holidays at Cyprus hotels  offer a wide range of luxury facilities and activities.

Countless variations

A typical day can find you hiking up a mountain trail as the sun rises, kayaking along a pristine beach, cycling along country lanes or gyrating to a dancercise class. With all that healthy activity combined with luxurious spa relaxation, you are sure to return feeling renewed and invigorated.

Columbia beach resort

Fitness holiday at Columbia beach resort provide peace and tranquility along with the availability of the most modern luxury and wellness facilities. Holiday for most of us has been a retreat from the daily strenuous routines of life to unwind ourselves and experience the serenity and achieving the fitness and activity level. Well trained staff of Columbia beach resort will not leave any stone unturned to get you to taste the world’s finest cuisine and dining. Luxury beach resort allows you to recharge your batteries, while also enjoying glorious weather and all of the other bonuses of a wonderful holiday.

Unlimited motivations

Columbia beach resort offers you the numerous great reasons and desires to the visitors to come back again for their vacations. This is one of the most popular beach resorts which is appreciated world over for its world class environment and exotic & modern facilities. There are number of great reasons for the tourists to visit the Cyprus hotels:

  • Wonderful Mediterranean waters and beautiful landscapes that the island offers.
  • You can enjoy the blue flag beaches of Cyprus while taking your fitness holidays at this beach resort, by diving into the sea and trying out some of the great water sports available.
  • Fitness holidays at the Columbia Beach Resort also include long leisurely lengths of our gorgeous swimming pool or maybe a beginner’s tennis lesson on our courts. You can even enjoy the late night play by getting the flud lights on.
  • One of the fine dining of the Cypriot cuisine with the great hospitality and friendly services at the resort.