Traveling, especially on an airplane, will certainly take a toll on your skin. With just a few simple steps, you can arrive at your final destination with a complexion that looks fabulous and refreshed

Airplane travel can be one of the most efficient yet exhausting modes of long-distance transport. This is especially true after a stressful day of rushing through terminals, missing connecting flights and subjecting your body to dry, stale airplane air for hours. When you are travelling, you will end up tired and you might look stressed and messy from exhaustion, jet lag or being in an uncomfortable position on your seating area. Picture that tired eyes, messy hair, dry skin, crumpled clothing – would you like to look like that when you reach the end of your journey? Of course not, we all want to look good- always!

Travelling isn’t just about all the fun we will get but how we look also matters a lot. No one wants to look stressed or grungy after a trip. Everyone wants to look fresh and camera ready all the time. Well, you don’t wanna see an ugly picture of yourself on Instagram. So, it is important that one looks good while travelling so that when you arrive at your destination, you are already ready to start the fun and you are sure your selfies would look great!

Here Are Some Tips To Look Good While Traveling:

Tips To Look Great When You Travel

Tips To Look Great When You Travel

Avoid Stress

Of course, if you don’t want to look stressed out, then avoid stress. You have to start a trip with a good mood. Prior to the trip, arrange everything at work, pack your things well, sort bills and other things that you need to do. If you have settled every single thing before you leave, you will not fret while on travel. Instead, you can focus in having a good time and in chilling out.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep well before a travel. You will end up looking tired if you did not get enough sleep the night before it. You can also Sleep during travel. Try bringing with you some eye mask, ear plug or even a pillow. But if you cannot sleep because of some noise or other distractions, do not force yourself to do that because if you will, you will keep on thinking about the distraction and will just stress you out. Simply, relax and get a refreshing rest with your eye shut. When you get to your destination, you will surely feel good.

Wear Comfortable

Well, when we say stylish, we mean something fashionable and presentable to wear while being comfortable and easy. You can get into fitted sweatpants or some travel pants that are available in outdoor stores. You can also wear a light fitted top to keep you comfortable. Bring with you a jacket or a sweatshirt in case it would be cold during the trip. Wear slip on shoes or a shoe that you can easily take off and never wear new shoes. Wear socks too to protect you from cold and to save you from odor problems when you take off your shoes in the airport for inspection and security purposes. Just be sure that you feel comfortable with whatever you are wearing when you are on travel.

Fabulous Flats

Boarding a plane or walking to and from various locations in heels will not do your feet any favors, so leave the heels at home. A comfortable yet stylish pair of flats will do the trick. In the summer months, sandals, ballet flats or even boat shoes are good options, while in the winter months, a flat pair of boots or easy loafers work well. Consider whether your shoes can be taken off and put back quickly to ease airport security checks.

Moisturise Your Skin

One skin care tip to keep in mind is, always Moisturise the skin when you are traveling. When you are out, the skin becomes dry and looks stretched. So, moisturise the night before and even while traveling to hydrate the skin and look fresh.

Pack Your Basics

It is one of the most common tips for packing clothes for a trip, but it is often one that is overlooked. When travelling with limited luggage, you need to be very selective on what you pack and you need to be able to wear everything in your suitcase on multiple occasions. Pack classic jeans, shorts, plain t-shirts, a black coat for cold climates and a couple of nice dresses or skirts and top combos. Everything else can stay at home and await your return.

Eat Healthy While Traveling

Eat Healthy While Traveling

Eat Healthy Food

You will look more refreshed if you eat healthy foods instead of junk foods. So, if you can, pack your own food like fruits, sandwiches, and nuts. When you arrive on your destination, seek for places that offer healthy food. You can also check for places where you can get healthy food before you leave for a trip.

Bring A water Bottle

It is always good to carry a water bottle with you when travelling for it will keep you hydrated and yeah, you will look good that way. Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol for this will make you drowsy or will make you feel hyper. So, go with water instead.