If you have spent many hours upping your fitness in the gym or pounding the roads to lose weight, should all of the hard work arrived at an abrupt halt for two weeks on holiday, of over indulging with poor food and abusive drinking. If you want something different from your vacation there are alternatives – Fitness Vacations.

Fitness Vacations

Your holiday vacation is the best time to experiment with new sports and fitness activities. Cycling, swimming, horseback riding, Water skiing, water sports, beach volleyball are common enjoyable weight loss activities that you can do on vacation, so check out our guide! There exists a new, updated and more comprehensive guide

Cal a Vie Spa for physical fitness USA, California
A North park North destination health spa vacation retreat offering a variety of personal programs to rival any resort or hotel spa. The resort combines European fitness Spa philosophies with Californian programs according to health, fitness and nutrition. Classes include Kickboxing, Core Work, Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.

Golden Door Fitness Spa USA, California
Comprehensive fitness spa holiday with complete set of facilities including tai-chi, meditation and yoga and a variety of classes. Personal fitness guides take presctiption hand to help you through the facilities along with a tailored program if you are looking for any boot camp vacation.

The Oaks at Ojai USA, California
Relax having a range of massages, healthy cuisine and 16 fitness sessions each day ranging from yoga to aqua cardio, dance and pilates.

Rancho la Puerta Mexico, Baja California
A properly equipped and beautiful spa resort with more than 50 health and fitness classes each day to help with weight loss and improve your fitness levels. The resort has among the widest ranges of activities including pilates, strength trainning, tennis, dance classes, volleyball and tennis.

Plan Your Activities for the Fitness Vacation in advance

Explore and investigate the available facilites and accomodation at the holiday resort or destination Spa. Gyms are typical place but you should look for water activities and pilates and yoga classes. You shouldn’t be afraid to ring up and look for exactly what facilities are available and explain your wellbeing goals and what you would like to achieve out of your stay. There are often activities available which you may not have considered that could open a potentially new hobby or interest.

Acclimatize quickly for the Fitness Vacation

You will have travelled for your destination so altitude and jet lag might have an effect. Remember to ease in to the training, which is particularly important for a boot camp vacation. Be aware of your body and just what it is saying, but you will find qualified fitness instructors to help you with the process. If you are heading to a warm destination try early morning or late evening training to begin with.