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Get Fit And Buzzed with Energy At Cyprus


Cyprus activity and fitness centers have the provision of combining the balanced diets and physical exercises to give your body the overall conditioning and fitness.


Whether you want to fit in the clothes you desire or you wish to achieve the fitness levels so that you can climb your staircases swiftly. Whether it is for the dose of fun and enjoyment or you are looking forward to get the tranquilized with the vigor and energy. Cyprus is the right destination where you can get all at the same place. Cyprus activity and fitness centers have the provision of combining the balanced diets and physical exercises to give your body the overall conditioning and fitness levels which it is craving for. The training programs are targeted towards providing you the stamina and making you fit to lose your body weight and tone your body to look it more attractive and rejuvenated with the energy and buzz which it was missing from the last few years.

Cyprus Fitness Holidays


  • Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise burns calories, gets your heart pumping, improves endurance and helps fight ageing.

Cycling , swimming , walking , skipping rope , rowing , running , hiking, boxing, squash, racquet ball, coaching or playing tennis  we have it all included in our carefully worked out different level programs.

  • Flexor

Discover how to lengthen and stretch your muscles – after the hard sessions of training, improve your posture and stability and restore your mobility levels with exercises like Yoga, Pilates and Stretching.


Yoga helps you to detoxify your body through the number of asana which are in fact prolonged stretching aimed at specific organs of the body. It is therapeutic and rejuvenating in nature.


These are the exercises that focus on small muscles performance and improve body posture and alignment.


Stretching increases flexibility which in turn improves the blood circulation in the body. This leads to healthy body.

  • Strength training

This leads to increased metabolism; strong bone mass, lowers the HDL cholesterol 7 improved cardiac functions as well. It involves doing repetitive weight lifting and workouts on the most modern equipment.

  • Fat burning

These involve cycling or running done regularly for getting good cardio exercise. This is complimented with balanced diet and variety of detox programs to achieve the results

  • Water sports

Swimming, Skurfing, Water skiing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Jet Ski, Flow boarding, Rowing, Wakeboarding, Knee boarding, Wake Boarding, Boating and many other exercises are the funny way to entertain yourself and exercise too at the same time.

  • Diving & snorkeling

Deep sea diving or scuba diving help you discover the underwater world full of magnificent creatures and get that unique feeling and comfort of ecstasy and adventure in these activities.

  • Canoeing

This is a form of transport and a water sport too. Apart from having the scenic view of the river water and meeting likeminded people during the course of travel, there is also an adrenaline rush during this sport.

  • Cycling

Get the ultimate biking experience at the mountain and desert terrains on the racing bikes that lead you to perform some really good cardiovascular activities on racing bikes.

  • Walks

The walk is relatively short, being only 3km from the start to the finish. But don’t let the short distance fool you! Most people start the walk at Platres near the Psilo Dendro trout farm, situated on the main road from Limassol to Troodos.

  • Power boating

If you are looking for an adrenalin rush then sign up for some water sports – knee boarding, wakeboarding, water skiing and who said ringos were just for kids.

  • Sailing

Sail along the stunning south eastern coast of Cyprus. Why not experience the thrill of being propelled along by a gentle breeze through the sparkling waters without the noise of an engine to spoil your peace and tranquility, if you are very lucky you may spot a turtle or a dolphin diving in and out of the waves.

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