Follow these tips on how to sleep better while traveling and we promise you’ll feel much better on your next trip!

Sleep is often an underestimated aspect of health. Being sleep-deprived can have serious consequences on your mental and physical health. One of the times sleep is unavoidably affected is when you are traveling.

Sleeping well during a holiday or business trip is as important as staying healthy. In fact, a good night’s sleep would most certainly keep you healthy in ways you couldn’t imagine. However, sometimes, whether it is too much sun, food or exertion, you may find sleep hard to come by. During those times, here is what you should do to be able to relax and sleep well.

Tips to Get Better Sleep While Traveling:

Sleeping Well While Traveling

Sleeping Well While Traveling

Dress Comfortably

The kind of clothes you wear while sleeping affect your body movements and hence your sleep. At home you can wear night-wear. But wearing night-wear on a flight can be rather awkward. Look for comfortable alternatives. You can wear track pants and a loose t-shirt. You may even done yourself in a pair of shorts if they make you feel more comfortable than track pants. Do not wear thick or tight clothing while sleeping – it is important that your body be able to breathe. If you are finicky about your feet, then wear socks. The basic key here is to wear clothes you are most comfortable and relaxed in.


This is one things we all dearly miss while traveling, for it is rather difficult to carry a pillow along with your luggage! Some alternatives to a pillow include an inflatable pillow. All you have to do is blow it up! One more option could be to use a soft handbag stuffed with clothes that you don’t mind getting crumpled. You could also roll a bedspread into a makeshift pillow.

Avoid Red-Eye Flights

Overnight flights might seem like they maximize efficiency, but red-eyes often lead to mid-day energy crashes. Take a flight that lands midday when you travel east and a flight that lands in the morning when you travel west.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol may help induce sleep, but it’s dehydrating and research shows it reduces rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, so any sleep you’re able to get won’t be as restorative, leading to daytime drowsiness and poor concentration.

Music or Books

Many people have the habit of reading books or listening to music before they go to sleep. It would be a good idea to carry the same with you while traveling. If you are used to reading some spiritual book before sleeping, nothing like it. That kind of stuff soothes the mind and calms you down and helps you relax before you go to bed. Same effect can be brought upon by some good soothing music, especially instrumental songs. You might be required to switch your phones off, so it would be advisable not to carry your music on the phone. If your phone is equipped with the facility of turning it onto the airplane mode, you are good to go.

Read a Book During a Flight

Read a Book During a Flight

Eat A Healthy Meal

It is advisable to eat less while you are traveling. It helps you overcome motion-sickness, and it also helps you sleep better. Also make sure you Eat healthy food. Avoid eating salad and raw food, as more energy is consumed to digest them. Eat something that is light on the stomach.

Blanket or Sweatshirt

Most flights tend to be on the cold side which is nice when it is a full flight but bad when you are in shorts and a t-shirt. Some airlines that haven’t decided to completely make us hate them provide blankets for free but some do charge for the “luxury” of not being cold. If that is the case this small blanket does the job and so does simply packing an extra sweatshirt. Even if you are flying to a tropical destination a lightweight sweatshirt is nice to have for cool nights and flights.